Pacific Temperate Rainforest

Size: 60,346km

Type: Temperate

Location: Canada , USA

Extending over 4,000km in a limited beachfront hall from the edge of Prince William Sound in Alaska, along with seaside British Columbia in Canada, through the northwestern US conditions of Oregon and Washington to northern California, the Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest speaks to the world’s biggest zone of waterfront calm rainforest. In spite of its incredible length, the woodland is just 150km wide at its broadest.

The rainforest fuses the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska, the USA’s biggest national backwoods, just as Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, which is home to the soul bear, the uncommon white variation of the wild bear.

In Tongass, logging is a real threat. The present US organization is attempting to

increment logging and street working in America’s head calm rainforest.