Attractions in Lanzarote

In addition to paradisiacal beaches, Lanzarote has protected parks, caves and tunnels formed by the volcanic activity that exists on the island. The Timanfaya National Park is considered the main area of the biosphere reserve, it has a single volcano, Timanfaya, which erupted on September 1, 1730 and continues to be active. There is only one path to walk through part of the park since the access is extremely regulated in order to take care of the fauna and flora, however, it is visited by 1,600,000 tourists per year, making Timanfaya the second most visited park in the Canary Islands.

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Being a place where culture meets nature, Jameos del Agua consists of a series of volcanic caves and an art center created by César Manrique, a Spanish artist. It has an underground salt lake with unique little crabs, restaurants, gardens, natural pools and museums. It is located inside Volcán de La Corona, an extinct volcano, and it is considered Site of Special Scientific Interest.

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Finally, the Cueva de los Verdes is a volcanic tube formed thanks to the eruption of the Volcán de La Corona. It is part of Jameos del Agua and has a concert hall designed by César Manrique. The tube is 1500 meters long and it is also a protected area located in Haria.


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